Baumeister Orange Bottle



You may remember as a child Baumeister Orange originally being called "Kewaunee Orange Crush". Even back then it came in a heavy dark bottle to protect its full orange flavor. It was noted for its unique color and an unmatched flavor. Today, now called Baumeister Orange Soda, it still has the old-fashioned flavor, still in a brown bottle, and still the unique color that makes it in a class all by itself.

"An amazing soda from Wisconsin. No fake taste here, this soda tastes like a real orange!" - Pop The Soda Shop

Baumeister Orange Logo

Ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar, artificial and natural flavors including FD&C Yellows #5 and #6, gum acacia, orange oils, and brominated vegetable oil, preserved with sodium benzoate